Why am I being taxed for a vehicle that I no longer own?

Your tax is based on the vehicles you owned on January 1st of the tax year.  Even if you no longer own the vehicles, you still pay tax based on what you owned the first day of the year. You would then take off any sold vehicles from your next years Assessment List. Even if you move out of the county or the state, you are still responsible for the tax that was assessed to you by Missouri law.


I bought my real estate property mid year, why have I received a bill for the full year?


Can I get a list of the properties that will be on the Tax Sale?

The 2022 tax sale list for the August 22nd Tax Sale will be available on July 27th.  The list will change as taxes get paid before the sale. So you may want to call the Collectors’ office before the sale to be sure of what will sell that day.

You must preregister in the Collector’s office before the day of the sale to bid on a property.  A copy of your driver’s license is required and you must sign a affidavit stating all taxes are paid. You must be a resident of Missouri, OR non residents must appoint a COUNTY citizen to act as their agent.  Please be sure to print out and read the Tax Sale General Information as some tax sale laws may have changed.  The affidavit is available to print out on this website also.

Buyer Beware: Be sure to know what you are buying: Location & Condition.  Please understand you are NOT purchasing the Real Estate, but you are purchasing a Delinquent Tax Sale Certificate. You have no rights to the property until you are issued the Collectors Deed.  You can now locate a parcel using the Hickory County GIS mapping system.  Look on the home page for more information or go to Hickorycomogis.com and put the parcel number in the search box. (numbers only).  This will help you locate the parcel.  Please note you must not trespass on any of the tax sale properties.  The owner still has all rights to the property.


Is there information about the Tax Sale Process?

This is a helpful tool to use provided by the State Tax Commission of Missouri: Chapter 140 Tax Sale Procedure Manual. This material is provided for informational purpose only and should not be relied upon without first speaking to your attorney.


Where can I get a water survey?

Water surveys are done by the Health Department – 417-745-2138. http://www.hickorycountyhealth.org
Hickory County Health Department, 203 Cedar St, Hermitage, MO 65668


Where can I get my sewer tested?

Sewer Testing is done at the Health Department – 417-745-2138. http://www.hickorycountyhealth.org
Hickory County Health Department, 203 Cedar St, Hermitage, MO 65668


Where can I get soil tested?

Soil testing is done at the extension office – 417-745-6767. http://extension.missouri.edu/hickory/
Hickory County Extension Office, 203 Cedar Street, Hermitage, MO 65668



Are there building codes in Hickory County?

There are no building codes in Hickory County.

Exception – Sewer Ordinance for 3 acres or less – contact the Hickory County Health Department – 417-745-2138. http://www.hickorycountyhealth.org


How can I pay my personal property tax?

Pay your Real Estate and Personal Tax by our automated phone service. Call toll-free 877-690-3729 Jurisdiction Code #3546. You must have your Tax bill number and Jurisdiction Code when ready to pay. Your Tax bill number is printed on the right-hand corner of your bill. There is a convenience fee of 2.4% charged to use this service or a flat fee of $3.95 to use a Visa Debit and a fee of $1.50 for E-Check. You are told your fee before your payment is processed. You will be mailed your receipt from our office within 10 days of your payment.


Can I pay online?

Follow this link to pay online https://billpay.forte.net/hickorycomocolltax/ This link will only show unpaid bills.  A convenience fee of 2.4% of the paid amount is charged for each transaction. (Minimum Charge $1.50) Visa Debit cards have a flat fee of $3.95 and for an E-Check there is a flat fee of $1.50. You will be mailed a paid receipt from our office within 10 days.

If you only need paid receipts or to view tax information for the past 4 years use this link to go our web site to view and print tax information for the past 4 years. https://taxes.governmentor.com/hickory-county-mo/ You can search by Parcel Number or Bill Number.  This will show paid and unpaid taxes.

If you need help with these links call 417-745-6713.


When is the next tax sale?

Here is some and general information about the Tax Sale process:

2022 Tax Sale General Information


How do I get a Merchant License?

Merchant License Application

Every person, corporation, co-partnership or association of persons, including motor vehicle dealers as defined in sections 150.010 to 150.015, who shall deal in the selling of goods, wares and merchandise, wholesale or retail, at any store, stand or place occupied for that purpose, to any person, is declared to be a “merchant”, whether said sales be accommodation sales, whether they be made from a stock of goods on hand or by ordering goods from another source. The license granted is to deal in the selling of goods, wares or merchandise in the county which said license was granted, at one place within the said county. The cost is twenty-five dollars. You can print an application from here just clink the link at the bottom of the page and mail it in with your payment. Per Statute 150.230 you must have all county taxes paid in order to granted a Merchant License.


How do I get a paid receipt?

If paying in person a paid receipt is given at the time your payment is made. If you pay by mail your receipt is mailed to you after we process your payment. If you pay by phone or online a receipt is mailed to you once we have received and processed your payment from the provider. Usually, this is within 10 days. When paying the last week of December please allow up to 15 days for your paid receipt due to the large amount of mail we have to process. The Missouri Department of Revenue can look up your paid personal property online at any License Bureau in the state of Missouri. A printed paid tax receipt is may not be necessary to get your vehicle license as long as you have paid at least 30 days prior to getting your license.

We now have a website that you can view and print tax information for the last 4 years.


You can search by your Tax ID Number, Parcel Number or Bill Number all of these are located on your bill.  This will show paid and unpaid taxes.  If you do not have your bill you can call us for your Tax ID Number.  If you need to find a parcel number visit our GIS map at www.hickorycomogis.com and you can search by name.