Please note that Missouri law does not provide a category entitled “unclaimed surplus” or “excess proceeds” with regard to the tax sale.

All surplus funds are held in trust for the party that will eventually be legally entitled to them. For 18 months following the sale, the funds are held for either the investor the homeowner or a lein holder if applicable, depending on the final status of the property. After the expiration of 3 years, the funds are released to the school fund of the county in accordance with statute.

Any party that is legally entitled to surplus funds should contact our offce to get very simple paperwork. We can answer your questions and we are committed to paying the surplus to the legally entitled person. There is no need for a homeowner claiming surplus to use an outside entity or hire an attorney to claim their surplus. To protect our homeowners, we will not assist third parties that are attempting to claim surplus on behalf of someone that is already legally entitled to it. We also do not maintain an “unclaimed surplus” list of any kind.